British actor Tom Payne, who plays Paul “Jesus” Rovia on the AMC drama The Walking Dead, says he feel “privileged” to play a gay character.

Jesus, who came out in March, is the show's sixth gay character.

In an interview with UK gay glossy Attitude, Payne, 34, said that his character's coming out inspired a fan of the show to do the same.

“I had messages on Twitter the next day from people; like this girl who said her brother came out to her parents the day after that episode aired,” Payne said.

“That’s why we do this job: To help people through parts of their lives, emotional situations they might be going through. If you can see yourself on screen, that can help you to process whatever it is that you’re finding difficult in your life.”

“And the other side of that is helping people who are outside of the gay world and don't know anyone [who is LGBT] and just a bit scared of it,” he added.