Australian bobsledder Simon Dunn talks coming out in the latest issue of Attitude.

Dunn, who recently retired from bobsleigh, said that relocating to London was about increasing his platform to promote LGBT athletes.

On coming out, Dunn said that it wasn't an easy process for him.

“Coming out for me took several years,” Dunn said. “The first person I told was when I was 13, and slowly over the years I told more and more people. I was fully out by the time I was 16. My rugby team took it badly, to the point I ended up quitting the sport. My mother also took it pretty badly as well. I ended up moving to Sydney when I was 18, and it took several years for me to both get back into sport and also to build a relationship with my mother.”

The 29-year-old Dunn also talked about dating, saying that he has “a thing for eyes.”

“If you have nice eyes, it's pretty much a signed deal,” he said.

“Do you have an, ahem, 'three date rule'?”

“Not at all,” answered Dunn, who is known for posting revealing photos of himself on social media. “Three dates is a lot to invest in someone if you don't click sexually. I'm more of a have sex first and decide if we should go on a date afterwards.”