The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and The Weinstein Company (TWC) have agreed on a PG-13 rating for TWC's upcoming transgender teen drama 3 Generations.

The film, which is set for a May 5th limited release, was previously titled About Ray.

In 3 Generations, Elle Fanning, 18, plays Ray, a teenager transitioning from female to male. Also appearing in the film are Susan Sarandon as Ray's lesbian grandmother and Naomi Watts as the mother.

Citing language including some sexual references, MPAA gave the film an R rating.

TWC protested the rating. GLAAD backed the effort, saying in an open letter that it was important for younger audiences to watch the film.

Harvey Weinstein, who chairs TWC with his brother Bob Weinstein, said in a statement that he challenged the board's decision because an R rating “would prevent high school students from seeing this film.”

According to Deadline Hollywood, TWC made some edits to the film to lower the rating to PG-13.

Weinstein thanked GLAAD for standing with him on the issue.

“It’s organizations such as GLAAD, the ones that don’t shy away from the difficult conversations, that are the reason we are able to move this country forward and really shift the cultural conversations,” Weinstein said in a statement.”I spoke with Joan Graves at MPAA extensively on this, and I am thrilled that we came to a solution that maintains the integrity of this crucial film while making it accessible to its intended audience.”

In 2012, TWC successfully challenged the MPAA, lowering the rating from R to PG-13 on Bully, which looks at the lives of several victims of bullies, including some LGBT teens, though TWC was forced to edit out three expletives.