A private North Carolina Christian college once attended by Franklin Graham is forcing its faculty and staff to pledge their opposition to marriage equality and abortion.

Montreat College is requiring employees to sign a “Community Life Covenant” that affirms “the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman” and the “worth of every human being from conception to death.”

The requirement has pushed nine faculty members out the door, according to an employee who is not returning to the school after this semester. School spokesman Adam Caress denied the claim in an email to The Charlotte Observer. Caress said that only three employees have cited the mandate as the reason they will not return to the school next semester.

Last month, the Billy Graham Evangelist Association (BGEA) contributed $100,000 to Montreat College's scholarship fund. Franklin Graham, who graduated from the college in 1974, runs BGEA. The association has denied any involvement in the covenant.

Graham, who gave the benediction, or closing prayer, at President Donald Trump's inauguration, is an outspoken opponent of LGBT rights.

At a rally last year, Graham called same-sex marriage “the great sin.” Graham, who supported Trump during the campaign, has often criticized President Barack Obama's support for LGBT rights, going so far as blaming the Syrian refugee crisis on Obama's support for such rights.

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A small group of students protested the school's new mandate at a rally on Wednesday. At least one student said that the covenant changed her mind about graduating from Montreat.

“I was going to stay and I planned on graduating from here,” sophomore Bailey Mathews told the AP, “but now, no.”