In a new interview with the AP to promote her new memoir, Olympian Caitlyn Jenner said that the Republican Party has disappointed her.

Jenner's The Secrets of My Life arrives on store shelves Tuesday.

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When asked about her politics, Jenner, in one thought, assailed the Republican Party and suggested its policies were better for Americans.

“I've gotten criticized because I come from a more conservative Republican side,” Jenner said. “But my loyalties are not with the Republican Party. My loyalties are not with Donald Trump. My loyalties are with my community, and to make it better.”

“You know, yeah, I believe more in the Republican side of it, because I believe … you know, limited government – I don't want the government in everything. I like lower taxes. I like a thriving economy. I like everybody working. And you have a better chance – although the Republican Party has very disappointed me over the years. And so, yeah, I lean that way.”

She added that she was “fighting” for equality for her community.

It should be noted that Republican lawmakers strongly oppose transgender rights and that the Trump administration has abandoned Obama-era efforts to protect transgender people, including revoking guidance to public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.