Los Angeles' tourism board on Tuesday launched an advertising campaign with the message “Everyone is Welcome.”

The centerpiece of the campaign is a 93-second music video featuring Real Love Baby by Father John Misty.

In the video, a Mexican boy throws a paper plane which flies by as people of various ethnic backgrounds walk, talk, dance, laugh and skateboard near iconic Los Angeles spots, including Venice Beach and Walt Disney Concert Hall. By the end of the video, the sky above Los Angeles is filled with many brightly-colored paper planes.

As Father John Misty sings, “I'm a real love baby. Wait until you taste me,” two men sitting on a rainbow-colored staircase share a smooch.

In a shrug to President Donald Trump and his controversial travel ban, Discover Los Angeles, the region's tourism board, told The Los Angeles Times that there “has never been a more crucial time to reinforce” that “diversity and inclusivity have always been cornerstones of Los Angeles culture.”