Google on Thursday released a new ad for Google Home starring a family headed by two dads.

In the 33-second ad, titled Carpool, two men and their kids rush to get their day started.

One of the men asks Google Home for his schedule, then the other. Based on the results, they decide who'll take the kids.

“A biento, papa!” a young girl screams as she heads out the door.

“Hey, Google, what does a biento mean?” the man asks. “It means see you soon,” Google Home responds.

The ad highlights Google Home's new ability to support multiple users.

“Google Home will now connect to six Google accounts simultaneously, and tailor responses based on the voice profile of the person who asked the question,” Android Central wrote. “This makes Google Home dramatically more useful for those who have the speaker placed in a shared space in the house, letting each person in the family get responses on their appointments, commute and tasks individually.”