Singer Barry Manilow on Thursday said that his recent announcement that he's gay and married to his manager wasn't news to his fans.

Manilow, who is promoting his 30th studio album, This is My Town: Songs of New York, spoke for the first time publicly about his sexuality in a PEOPLE cover story released earlier this month.

He also confirmed reports that he married manager Garry Kief in 2014.

During an appearance on the TODAY show, Manilow was asked to describe the response to his announcement.

“It's been great,” Manilow said. “It's no news to me and no news to anybody around me – family, friends, the band. I think even fans. I don't think it was news at all.”

“I'm a private guy. I'm a musician. Yes, fame hit me, but I never really wanted to go on that ride. I kept my dogs to myself. I kept my home to myself,” he continued. “This part is uncomfortable, but the topic – no, I'm not uncomfortable about that. Garry and I have been together for going on 40 years. It's amazing.”