The man who accused Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of sexually abusing him decades earlier has revealed his identity.

Delvonn Heckard, 46, came forward in new legal documents filed Tuesday.

Heckard was previously identified in a lawsuit against Murray by the initials D.H. Since filing the suit earlier this month, two men, Jeff Simpson and Lloyd Anderson, have made similar allegations.

“As Mr. Simpson and Mr. Anderson have been courageous in stepping forward publicly, D.H. feels as though he should not proceed in anonymity,” Heckard's attorney wrote.

Heckard claims that he carried out a sexual relationship with Murray after meeting him on a bus at the age of 15. Heckard, who admits he worked as a prostitute and was on drugs at the time, claims Murray propositioned him for sexual favors for as little as $10-$20 in his Capitol Hill apartment.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Murray said that he did not recognize Heckard from a photo and once again denied the allegations.

“I can state categorically that I have never had a sexual relationship with the individual whose name was revealed today, Delvonn Heckard, or any kind of relationship at any time with him,” Murray said.

“Is is possible that I have met this person before? Sure, it is possible. I have encountered thousands of people over my three decades as an activist and as a public servant. I cannot say for certain that I never encountered him at some point in those thirty years, at a time when I was very publicly active and civically engaged.”

Murray reiterated his claim that the accusations are politically motivated.

“Every time I have had to bring a significant bill forward – the domestic partnership bill in 2008 that The Seattle Times was researching at the time; the marriage equality bill; and just having sued the President of the United States and running for re-election, this is when these things come up. They didn't come up the other 30 years. They come up at a time, it seems, that certain things happen that are highly partisan and highly political,” Murray said.

The 61-year-old Murray was elected mayor in 2014 after nearly two decades of service in the Washington State Legislature. He is currently seeking re-election. Murray's husband Michael Shiosaki works for the city of Seattle.