Out actress Cynthia Nixon said this week that she was “devastated” when President Donald Trump was elected in November.

Nixon made her comments during an appearance on Larry King Now.

“I'm one of those people who really didn't think he was electable,” Nixon told host Larry King. “I was very devastated when he was elected. I really don't know what I find most disturbing: his inhumane policy moves or his incompetence. I'm really not sure which is the greater of the two evils.”

“Neither is surprising. The incompetence I think was a foregone conclusion.”

“He was more of a Democrat – economically he was a Republican, but certainly in terms of social issues. I guess if you look at his family's background, there's a lot of racism there. So, maybe that's less surprising, but the anti-LGBT stuff is surprising.”

Elsewhere in the interview, King asked, “When did you know you weren't heterosexual?”

“Well, this is a thorny issue. I guess if I have to put a label, I would put a bisexual label. But to me there was no change, there was just this person,” she answered, referring to wife Christine Marinoni.