Christian rock star Trey Pearson's video for his first solo single features two men kissing in a church.

In Silver Horizon, a young man, played by Cole Doman (Henry Gamble's Birthday Party), sings to his church congregation. Another man sitting in the pews rushes to the altar and the two men share a passionate kiss. Parishioners, who initially appear stunned, and the priest cheer on the men. In another scene, Pearson is seen kissing another man in an apartment.

The 35-year-old Pearson came out in an emotional letter to fans last year.

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Pearson told gay glossy OUT that Silver Horizon was about his coming out journey.

“The song, Silver Horizon, is very much about the journey I have been on this last year and a half – going from trying to hang on so hard to something I couldn't be, to finding the light on the other side of the darkness,” Pearson said. “I wanted the music video to be about that light and hope for the future. Coming from a systemic oppressive church culture that was brainwashing and made me feel like it wasn't ok to be my truest, best self, I wanted to shine a light on seeing that change, and the hope for a better future.”

“I hope the video changes hearts, and spreads hope to those who feel unloved or alone. I hope it brings smiles to faces like the way it does mine, and I hope people enjoy how beautiful it is,” he added.