Former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has described the election of President Donald Trump as a divine “reprieve” from transgender rights.

Bachmann made her comments last week during an appearance on Understanding the Times with Jan Markell, where she joined Philip Haney, a conservative opposed to Muslim rights.

Bachmann agreed with Markell's characterization of the White House lit up in rainbow colors to celebrate the Supreme Court's finding that gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry as a “low point,” adding that Trump represents a divine “reprieve” from such “immorality.”

“I think [Americans] recognized that this was the last exit ramp for the country and if we were not going to see a political change, if Hillary Clinton was going to continue and double down on the policies of Barack Obama,” Bachmann said. “I think people just saw no hope that the United States would return to a position of Judeo-Christian morality. But not even just that, it’s just, could we even be able to speak truth anymore? Can we even protect our children anymore?”

Bachmann said that people “censored their own speech, because they didn't know what the government was going to do to them” under the Obama administration.

“Meanwhile, their little 5-year-old girl could be vulnerable to a 17-year-old male walking in on their bathroom, or my 85-year-old mother could be at a public restroom and seven 18-year-old males could come in and she could be vulnerable to them,” she said, possibly referring to an Obama-era policy instructing public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

“We know that [Trump’s election] just wasn’t in the natural. This was in the supernatural where God's sovereignly, I believe, answered the prayers of believers beseeching him and he’s given us a reprieve. But a reprieve for what? For what? What are we going to do with this? Remember, over 50 years of destruction, destroying the foundations of this country, you don’t just turn that on a dime unless God again intervenes,” Bachmann added.