An upcoming episode of Viceland's Gaycation will take a look at how the LGBT community is fighting back against the election of President Donald Trump.

In United We Stand, hosts Ellen Page and Ian Daniel travel to the nation's capital, where they hear from a number of people participating in the Women's March on how the community is responding to the Trump administration.

“We're in D.C.,” Page says in a trailer for the episode. “We're here to explore what people's plans are for the next four years.”

“We are in this community together because we believe in each other,” a person says. “We believe in what we can do together.”

Academy Award winner Michael Moore is also featured in the episode.

“We will never go back to the hate. Know that in your frigging heart,” Moore says as he pounds his chest.

Gaycation: United We Stand airs April 30 on Viceland.