Christian conservative Bryan Fischer claimed this week that the LGBT community stole the rainbow from God and must “give it back.”

Following the death of Gilbert Baker, the activist who created the rainbow flag as a symbol of LGBT Pride, Fischer tweeted: “Worst example of cultural appropriation ever: LGBTs stole the rainbow from God. It's his. He invented it. Gen. 9:11-17. Give it back.”

Fischer's tweet was widely mocked.

“Hmmm, I invented one by spraying my garden hose in the air on a sunny day. I'll loan them that one,” wrote @Kimberly_Mck.

“Glad to see you believe God created the rainbow flag. Do you believe he created gays too? If not, you're just being a jerk,” wrote @GeniaStevens.

On his AFA radio show, Fischer, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, reiterated his claim.

“The rainbow is God’s,” Fischer said. “God invented the rainbow – look at Genesis 9:11-17 – He invented it. It’s His thing. He put it in the sky as a promise that he would never again destroy the Earth through a flood. Are you listening Al Gore? Al Gore, you do not need to worry about the planet being destroyed by floodwaters. Why? Because God has put His rainbow in the sky to let you and everybody else know, ‘I’m never going to do that again.'”

Fischer added that the LGBT community “is using something that doesn't belong to you. That’s cultural appropriation … You’ve culturally appropriated something that doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to God. It’s His idea and you need to give it back.”