Massachusetts Representative Joe Kennedy III, a Democrat and the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, is calling on the NCAA to continue its boycott of championship events in North Carolina over the state's LGBT policies.

Last week, Democratic Governor Roy Cooper signed a compromise deal to repeal House Bill 2, the beleaguered law that blocked cities from enacting LGBT protections and prohibited transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice. The law's passage last year led to an economic boycott of the state. The new law, House Bill 142, repeals House Bill 2, but it also leaves bathroom regulation to the state and enacts a moratorium on local LGBT ordinances until December 1, 2020.

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Kennedy called the compromise “a sham.”

“When it comes to civil rights there are no compromises, negotiations or trade-offs,” Kennedy said. “Either the laws of this country apply equally to all of us or they don’t. By barring local anti-discrimination laws, North Carolina is leaving their transgender community without the protections any other citizen enjoys. That is the definition of discrimination. In recent years, the NCAA has set the bar high for tolerance and equality both on the court and in the stands. I applaud their leadership and urge them to consider this compromise what it is: A sham.”

The NCAA has said it will announce its decision on whether to end the boycott this week.