Model-singer- performance artist Amanda Lepore criticized Caitlyn Jenner's support for President Donald Trump in a recent interview.

Lepore, who is promoting Doll Parts, a book in which she shares her life story, was asked by gay glossy OUT to weigh in on Jenner's politics.

“It’s kind of disappointing that she’s a Trump supporter,” Lepore answered. “It’s weird and a slap in the face. That’s really odd. I did believe that she was transgender. I think that gets lost when you like women. Because when I was young, I just liked guys and was a bottom, so it’s easy to transition. But if you like women, you go into a relationship with women, getting a vagina would get in the way.”

“But with or without a vagina, you can be a lesbian,” the interviewer noted.

“Yes, but when you’re in a situation dating someone who doesn’t know [you’re female] and they’re attracted,” Lepore responded. “That’s probably why she waited so long. It must be harder. I don’t think that openly being a lesbian would have made it easier. She was in a marriage where she was Bruce Jenner. I knew trans girls who one day would be beautiful and take hormones and the next day they’d meet a guy on the subway and change back to a boy to please them. I think it’s something like that. Being who you don’t want to be for your partner.”

Jenner, a Republican, has said that she would like to educate the GOP on transgender issues.