John Cho wil play Billy Eicher's boyfriend in Hulu's original comedy Difficult People.

The show features Eichner (Billy on the Street) and Julie Klausner as two New York best friends trying to make it in show business. But their minimal talent and lackadaisical work ethic leaves them jaded with only each other to cling to.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Cho will play Todd, “an advertising executive who's as much of a dick as Billy and Julie. Billy and Todd connect after neither of them backs down from a prank war, and season 3 follows the pair as Billy has to navigate 'couple' things, having only had Julie as a soul mate previously.”

The recurring role comes after Cho's Star Trek character of Sulu was revealed to be gay in Star Trek: Beyond.

The third season of Difficult People is scheduled to premiere this summer on Hulu.