Malaysia's chief censor said in an interview this weekend that he sought cuts to Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast because Malaysia does not recognize “LGBT ideology.”

Disney has postponed releasing the film in Malaysia, saying that the film “has not been and will not be cut for Malaysia.”

Abdul Halim, chairman of the Malaysia censorship board, told the New Sunday Times that the board wanted four minutes and 38 seconds cut from the film.

Halim said that the organization questioned “three parts” of the film, the first “during the performance of a song where a male character (LeFou) hugs the other (Gaston) from behind. Secondly, is the suggestive song lyrics with sexual innuendos and the third is a scene that takes place at the end of the movie.”

Gay characters are only allowed in films in Malaysia if they are depicted negatively.

“Malaysia does not recognize the LGBT ideology,” Halim told the paper. “So we have to be extra cautious in our work. We have our responsibilities to the country, the people and our constitution. If we let these scenes pass, people will wonder if Malaysia recognizes LGBT.”