In his latest video, F.U.W. or Fucked Up World, out actor-singer Jussie Smollett sends a powerful message to President Donald Trump.

F.U.W. opens on Smollett sitting next to a black boy on a sofa. He asks, “Why are we back in the past? It's the same script, different cast. All of these alternative facts. Catch me outside how about that? Why is it so hard to keep hope? Who got the popular vote? Was the whole thing just a joke?”

In nearly four minutes, Smollett, who also directed the video, highlights some of the marginalized people Trump trampled over on his way to the White House.

In one scene, a black man stands shirtless in front of a dangling noose, a woman wears a hijab in another and four women raise their fists as the words “My Body, My Rights” are projected above them.

Other scenes include a black man wearing a crown of thorns, a transgender woman walking towards a bathroom and a man in a wheelchair running over a Trump mask, a nod to Trump's mocking last year of a disabled reporter.

“This song is for the oppressed,” Smollett told the AP. “That's why I feel like people will connect with it because it is very broad, because oppression is so broad.”

The song ends on an optimistic note: “Rewrite the laws. You won't keep us from loving each other. Build a wall. You won't keep us from loving each other (never gonna build a wall).”