Christian conservative Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), recently condemned the advances of the LGBT rights movement, calling it “satanic.”

Appearing with fellow anti-LGBT activists at last weekend's Wisconsin Christian News Ministry Expo and Conference, LaBarbera lamented the successes of the movement, saying that it had hijacked the language.

“What is [coming out] really?” LaBarbera rhetorically asked. “You're coming into darkness. You're embracing spiritual darkness as a personal identity, as who you are, and then you're selling it to everybody you know. You're doing Satan's work in the name of light.”

LaBarbera also complained that the term “equality” had been hijacked, saying that the term “marriage equality” was an oxymoron, because same-sex marriage “is not marriage, it's not equal.”

“For some reason, homosexuality has become the issue for the left,” he said. “The issue. It's satanic.”