YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley says he wants to see concrete actions on LGBT rights from President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Larry King Now, Oakley, 27, said that he believes the Internet has helped accelerate the LGBT movement because it can “reach people you never would have reached.”

“On the Internet you can encounter people like me,” Oakley said. “And I was blown away by the stories I hear from young people that are like, 'You're the first gay person I ever encountered,' and it was because of the Internet. And I think digital is accelerating acceptance of all communities and all perspectives at a faster rate than ever before because we're exposed to those people that we would have never met had it not been for an Internet connection.”

King pointed out that Trump the candidate supported Caitlyn Jenner's right to use the bathroom of her choice in his hotels, but as president he recently revoked Obama-era protections for transgender people. “What do you make of that?” King asked.

“When I hear about trans youth whose federal protections are being taken away it hurts and it's an attack [on the entire LGBT community],” Oakley answered. “And then I hear some conservatives say, 'Well, have you seen the picture of Trump holding the rainbow flag? Of course, he's for the gays.' I'm like, actions speak louder that words. Anybody can hold up a flag. I wanna see protection.”

“And I think Trump really needs to step up, if he wants to represent all people,” added Oakley, who supported Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.