The ABC newsmagazine 20/20 is ready to explore the pregnancy of Thomas Beatie – the world's first transgender man to give birth – in a new Barbara Walters special to air on Friday.

Beatie's spring announcement in gay monthly The Advocate drew controversy and stirred emotions about Beatie's claimed masculinity. He defended his right to have a child on The Oprah Winfrey Show saying: “I feel it's not a male or female desire to have a child. It's a human need. I'm a person and I have the right to have a biological child.”

Born Tracy Lagondino, a former Miss Hawaii Teen USA beauty pageant finalist, Tracy transgendered to Thomas in his early twenties. He confessed on The Oprah Winfrey Show that his childhood was troubled.

Beatie legally married his wife Nancy in 2003, a mother of two divorcee. He decided to get pregnant after learning that Nancy was unable to bear another child due to a hysterectomy. Beatie had retained his reproductive sexual organs when he transgendered to a man.

The couple became pregnant through artificial insemination and gave birth to a healthy baby girl at an Oregon hospital on June 29th.

The interview is the first Beatie and his wife have given since the birth of their daughter, Susan. The hour-long report promises an exclusive inside look at the Beatie family household and footage from inside the hospital during Susan's birth.

In addition to the Walters prime-time special, a documentary and book on the life of Thomas Beatie are also in the works.

UK based Sundance Films announced in July plans to produce the documentary titled Pregnant Man. While plans to distribute the film in the U.S. remain uncertain, BBC's Channel 4 has already purchased the British rights.

And Beatie's own memoir Labor of Love: The Story of One Man's Extraordinary Pregnancy arrived last week.