Transgender model Carmen Carrera said in a recent interview that the Trump administration is robbing transgender people of their civil rights.

The 31-year-old Carrera, who appears in the upcoming HBO docuseries Outpost, was asked by gay glossy OUT to weigh in on Gavin Grimm, the 17-year-old student at the center of the transgender bathroom access debate.

The Supreme Court was scheduled to hear Grimm's case later this month. Actions taken by the Trump administration resulted in the high court remanding the case back to a lower court. Grimm, who graduates this year, will end his high school career without a legal victory.

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“[President Barrack] Obama was really the only president to embrace transgender people. I really felt secure with everything that was going on under his administration – there was a sense of pride,” Carrera said.

“Gavin Grimm’s case came about and Trump had made a couple of comments about it being a state issue more than a federal issue, and I disagree. It’s not about bathrooms, it’s about being equal to everyone else. When it involves students and your government is basically saying we aren’t equal, we shouldn’t be able to function like everyone else, it sends a powerfully negative message. These kids are relying on us to set the tone for their future.”

When asked whether it feels like the movement is losing momentum, Carrera answered “no.”

“So many more people are understanding what is actually happening within the government. Even with my group of friends, the more we follow this case, the more we are actually learning, actually seeing what’s wrong and how we’re being robbed of our civil rights,” she answered. “It’s bad enough that being trans stigmatizes you, now you have the federal government saying they won’t support us.”