The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on Thursday released a video urging President Donald Trump to sign a rumored order on “religious freedom.”

A leaked draft of the order first reported by The Nation would protect persons and organizations that oppose marriage equality and abortion rights and believe that a person's sex is determined at or before birth.

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In its two-minute-thirty-eight-second video, NOM calls for Trump to sign the order and for Congress to approve the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which has similar goals.

“It's time for President Trump to keep his promises and deliver,” a male narrator says following a clip of Trump promising to “defend and protect religious liberty in our land.”

“Will he choose to keep his promises to protect religious liberty and people of faith? Or will he choose to continue the damaging anti-faith policies of Barack Obama? It's time to choose Mr. President,” the narrator adds.

In an email to supporters asking for their help in propagating the video, NOM President Brian Brown said that it is “important that we get him to act in pursuit of his promise to do everything in his power to protect religious liberty in our nation.”