Appearing Monday on TBS' Conan, actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson weighed in on the controversy surrounding Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast.

Director Bill Condon last week told UK gay glossy Attitude that Gaston's bumbling sidekick LeFou (played by Josh Gad) would have an “exclusively gay moment” in the film.

Ferguson told host Conan O'Brien that he was “excited” to see the film.

“I'm very excited. Actually, I know Josh Gad who is the guy who is the 'gay character,'” Ferguson said.

“People are worried that this gay character is going to make their children gay. And so, I was like, 'I've seen a million heterosexual movies and never for a moment, did I think for a split second,'” he said to loud applause from the audience.

“Although, Ariel did make me want to become a mermaid,” he added, referring to Disney's The Little Mermaid. “That's no joke. So, I do see the concern.”

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