Dustin Lance Black has called ratings for his miniseries When We Rise within the range of his expectations.

Broadcast on ABC over four nights, the eight-part miniseries takes a look at the people and events that shaped the modern LGBT rights movement.

According to Variety, the show's Monday premiere had 2.95 million viewers, but viewership dropped by nearly 1 million (2.05 million) when the show returned on Wednesday after the president's Tuesday address to Congress. Thursday's installment pulled in 2.12 million viewers.

Black told The Advocate that those numbers are initial estimates and that he always expected that the show would be watched on DVR and online, ABC.com and Hulu, for example.

“[Final] numbers do not come in for another week or so, so the verdict on who's watching When We Rise is not in yet,” Black said.

“We've always known, and it's always been our belief, that this show is going to excel in DVR and online, because that's how people watch miniseries now. This is not the era of Roots, where there's three networks and you have to watch live. So, we're really hopeful, I have to say.”

“I do believe that the vast majority of viewers will watch on DVR. And if we can double our viewership on DVR, we're considered a hit.”

Black added that the number of live viewers had “fallen in the range” of his expectations. “Not my hopes, but my expectations,” he said.