Coca-Cola on Thursday released a commercial that celebrates LGBT diversity.

In Pool Boy, a brother and sister stare longingly from inside their house at the half naked young man cleaning their pool. They both seemingly have the same idea at the same time and a race to offer him a Coke is on. They arrive outside only to find that another member of the family has already beaten them to it.

“Let's face it, mom always knows better, and she not only got to the pool boy before them both, but she also fixed a sandwich for the guy,” Rodolfo Echeverria, global vp of creative and connections at Coca-Cola, told Adweek. “It's a human story, and Coca-Cola is at the center.”

The ad is one of four new commercials for Taste the Feeling, Coca-Cola's global campaign that features universal stories and little to no dialogue.

“The stories like boy meets girl, sibling rivalry or getting stuck in an elevator with a stranger are universal,” Echeverria said.