In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor TR Knight says that remaining in the closet wasn't an option for him.

An altercation ten years ago with his former Grey's Anatomy co-star Isaiah Washington led to Knight's coming out. Several years later, Knight left the show and headed to Broadway.

“I had a choice,” Knight said. “I guess I could've done the glass closet thing but I knew people who were living in that and it wasn't an option for me. I just didn't want to live that way.”

“Even though it was a little dramatic for a couple of years, every event led to something else. My departure from Grey's led me to go back to New York, which led me to meeting my husband. He really is the best thing that's ever happened to me.”

Knight and Patrick Leahy married in 2013.

Knight appears in ABC's When We Rise, which looks at the people and events that shaped the modern LGBT rights movement.