Writer-director Dustin Lance Black said this week that he hopes his new project on the LGBT rights movement in America inspires young people who might be feeling isolated.

The 7-episode miniseries When We Rise premieres Monday on ABC.

“I think for LGBT people, it's about time they have a popularized history that they can watch,” Black told the AFP. “That it will inspire young people who might be feeling isolated, which is often where things like suicide come from. That they can see: 'Oh, I have people out there who have fought for me and have believed in me.'”

“And more importantly, I think it's a conservation starter between LGBT families and the families of the world. That's all I want,” he added.

Guy Pearce, who plays LGBT activist Cleve Jones in the film, said that the miniseries is timely “because we're suddenly faced with a change that isn't necessarily what most of us really think is a good thing.”