A Social Security Administration (SSA) judge in Texas claims that the requirement to watch an LGBT diversity video creates a “religiously hostile work environment.”

According to The Washington Post, Judge Gary Suttles cites his First Amendment rights and religious protections under the Civil Rights Act in a lawsuit against his employer filed Thursday in federal court.

Suttles is asking a judge to bar his supervisors from taking any disciplinary action against him at least until a review by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in mid-March is completed.

“The agency has wholly failed to work in good faith to reasonably accommodate Judge Suttles' sincerely held religious belief against watching” the video, the suit states.

Suttles' complaint also claims that the SSA violated his rights “by discriminating against him on the basis of his religion” and “creating a religiously hostile work environment,” and that the agency “retaliated against him” when he sought the religious accommodation.

The agency proposed Suttles read a transcript of the video, but Suttles refused, saying in his complaint that he objects to the video's message, not the medium.