A bill that seeks to repeal a Utah law that prohibits talk about homosexuality in sex-education classes cleared a Senate committee on Tuesday.

Members of the Senate Education Committee voted unanimously in favor of Republican Senator J. Stuart Adams' bill, Senate Bill 196.

Utah's so-called “no promo homo” law bars “advocacy of homosexuality.” Adams' bill strikes out the restriction while adding a restriction on the “advocacy of premarital or extramarital sexual activity.”

Debra Coe, a member of the Utah Commission on LGBT Suicide Awareness and Prevention, said that the law left educators feeling like they could not “say anything positive” about LGBT rights.

“It's OK to say negative things, but nothing positive,” Coe told The Salt Lake Tribune.

The measure now heads to the full Senate.

Equality Utah, the state's largest LGBT rights advocate, filed a challenge to the law in October.