A group of LGBT employees at the Department of Education and their supporters are asking Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to commit to Title IX protections.

Under the Obama administration, Title IX rules, which prohibit discrimination based on sex, were interpreted to include gender identity.

“At a time when students and individuals across the nation are being targeted with overtly discriminatory treatment, our nation needs you to remind and empower students about their right to equal access to education,” the employees wrote in a letter obtained by the AP. “We look forward to partnering with you in this very important work and hope that as a ‘door open type of person,’ you will open your office to hear from both your LGBTQ staff and the LGBTQ families our Department serves.”

Last week, the Department of Justice under newly confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions withdrew a motion in an ongoing lawsuit challenging guidance on allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice issued by the Department of Education.

DeVos, a wealthy Republican whose family has given extensively to groups opposed to LGBT rights, barely survived her confirmation in the Senate, winning approval by one vote.