In an interview with Teen Vogue, Australian singer Troye Sivan revealed how the Internet helped him cope with his sexuality.

Sivan, who came out gay in 2013 on YouTube, talked about how he would seek help anonymously from strangers on the Internet.

“I had an anonymous account on every gay forum there was,” Sivan said. “I used to make accounts and talk to people about my problems.”

Sivan added that watching coming out videos on YouTube inspired his own coming out.

“I used to go on YouTube and search 'coming out.' That was something I did on almost a daily basis for a long time. I felt like I owed so much to that community and what I think is a sacred part of YouTube,” he explained.

“I don't know what I would have done had I not found the Internet. I found a community of people who I really like and who I felt got me.”

Watching footage of LGBT Pride parades made Sivan “realize that there was potential for things to get better, and that's what ended up pulling me through.”