As President Donald Trump continues to rail against“illegal” leaks and “fake news,” Christian conservative Scott Lively suggested that gay people were to blame, and called on the president to bar them from intelligence agencies.

Lively, a failed gubernatorial candidate and a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, wrote in a BarbWire op-ed that gays in the media and the intelligence community were conspiring against him. He called on Trump to revoke a 1990 executive order issued by then-President Bill Clinton which prohibits sexual orientation discrimination as it relates to security clearances and leave the gays “in the swamp.”

“That policy continued under W. Bush, and when Obama came into office the floodgates really flew open. My guess based solely on my knowledge of the 'gay' movement and Obama’s personal priorities, is that the today’s alphabet soup of intelligence agencies could easily be condensed to just four letters: LGBT, since that’s almost certainly who’s driving the agenda evidenced in the ongoing treasonous sabotage of the Trump administration,” Lively wrote.

“My prayer is that President Trump will awaken to the correlation of anti-Trump radicalism on the left with the 'gay' movement and realize that on virtually any issue one can name the most aggressive liars and agitators are homosexuals and their closest surrogates, and that these people absolutely, positively cannot be placated (just ask the Boy Scouts of America). In other words, there is a spiritual dimension to the culture war in which the key common denominator is LGBT affiliation.”

Lively called on Trump “to take the bold and courageous step of revoking Executive Order 12968 and restoring the ban on 'gays' in the intelligence agencies as it existed until 1990” and reiterated his recommendation that the administration establish a “separation of LGBT and state.”