The NFL and the Ad Council on Valentine's Day released a PSA that celebrates love without labels.

The nearly 3-minute ad titled Love Has No Labels shows various kiss cam segments at the Pro Bowl in Orlando.

In one clip, the kiss cam focuses on a woman and a man, encouraging the pair to kiss by superimposing a heart over them. But instead the man turns to the man seated on his other side and the couple shares a smooch. (If you look closely, the men were touching each other the whole time.)

The audience also cheers when a woman wearing an “Orlando Survivor” t-shirt kisses her female partner.

The men return with the caption “Love has no gender.”

Others featured in the ad include an interracial couple and an older African-American couple.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Chris Northam, an executive creative director at R/GA, said that he hopes the ad “does cause conversation” and that the fans “embrace this message and help spread this movement.”