House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday responded to the U.S. Justice Department's reversal in a case that involves transgender protections.

On Friday, the Trump administration withdrew its objections to an injunction that blocked federal guidance on allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

“It is deeply disappointing that the Department of Justice is not taking every opportunity to fight discrimination,” Pelosi said in a statement given to the Washington Blade. “Democrats will keep demanding that the Trump administration advocate for all Americans. From the amicus brief we recently filed in support of civil rights for transgender students to confronting bigotry and discrimination wherever it is practiced, House Democrats will never stop fighting for LGBT equality.”

Twelve states led by Texas last year challenged the guidance issued by the Department of Education. After a judge sided with the states, the Obama administration asked an appeals court to limit the scope of the injunction to the 12 states involved in the litigation. The new administration withdrew that request on Friday.

The reversal came less than 48 hours after the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as attorney general. The Justice Department announced that it is “currently considering how best to proceed in this appeal.”