Comedian John Oliver's Last Week Tonight returned Sunday on HBO for the first time this year, and immediately set its sights on President Donald Trump's first days in office.

On the show, Oliver looked at some of the president's most glaring falsehoods in a segment titled Trump vs. Truth.

“Since taking office about 412 years ago, Trump has made it clear that reality is not important to him,” Oliver told his audience. “Think about it. He's exaggerated the size of his inauguration crowd. He said the election was marred by mass voter fraud with no real proof of that. He also falsely claimed that compared to Muslims it was almost impossible for Christian refugees from Syria to get into the U.S. He even lied about the weather during his inauguration.”

“We have a president capable of standing in the rain and saying it was a sunny day.”

“Real people get hurt when you make policy based on false information. Billions will get spent on a wall that won't work to prevent a crime wave that isn't happening, while refugees sit in dangerous situations to prevent Bowling Green-style massacres that never took place,” Oliver said.

“Republicans should badly want our sense of objective reality to remain intact, just in case the Democrats ever find their own appealing reality star to win back the White House – RuPaul, for instance. Make America fierce again. #MakeAmericaFierceAgain,” he continued.

Oliver went on to propose a series of ads meant to “educate” the president “on topics we're pretty sure he doesn't know about” to air on networks such as Fox News.

“We're going to run them on shows we know he watches every day,” Oliver said.