Out singer Melissa Etheridge said this week that she believes that President Donald Trump is a bigger threat to LGBT rights than Vice President Mike Pence.

Before performing at the 14th annual Woman's Day Red Dress Awards at Lincoln Center, Etheridge told the New York Daily News about bumping into Trump two years ago at the wedding of a gay couple.

“I can't speak [for the couple], but this is New York City and I'm sure there's a lot of people who worked with [Trump] and socialized with him who are rolling their eyes and going, 'Really?'” Etheridge said about the president's pick for vice president.

She added that she has more respect for Pence than Trump because his views – including his outspoken opposition to LGBT rights – are consistent.

“At least Mike Pence, even if he's against my lifestyle and he's very conservative, he at least had a certain … to the social conservatives there was at least a sense of … following the rules,” Etheridge said. There's more to worry about Trump “because there's an uneducated, unregulated part of him.”