Latino celebrities have joined the chorus of Hollywood stars taking sides on Proposition 8 – California's ballot initiative that seeks to ban gay marriage in the state once again.

The most controversial endorsement comes from Mexican soap hunk Eduardo Verástegui, who favors banning gay marriage in the state.

Verástegui recently contributed his talent to a Spanish-language commercial in support of the gay marriage ban. In the video, the devout Catholic star says he supports Prop 8 because there is “no greater gift for sons than a home full of love next to his mother and father.”

The ad ends with a female announcer saying, “Protect your sons and traditional marriage. Vote yes on Proposition 8.”

It should be noted that “sons” could be a metaphorical reference to children.

Verástegui has appeared in numerous soap operas for the Mexican broadcaster Telemundo, which were viewed by over 10 million people across the United States. People en Espanol has voted him one the fastest rising Latino stars and one of the 50 “most beautiful people” in the world.

Gay activist in Mexico quickly condemned Verástegui's anti-gay position, saying he was promoting homophobia, reports Mexico's El Universal.

In contrast, the Latino stars of ABC's Ugly Betty have recorded their own commercial, where America Ferrera, who plays Betty Suarez, Tony Plana and Ana Ortiz give a heartfelt appeal in defense of gay marriage.

The Spanish-language commercial features the three ABC stars speaking directly to California voters.

“For Latinos, the family is very important,” says Plana, who plays Ferrera's father on the show.

“For that reason, we're against Proposition 8,” adds Ferrera.

“Prop 8 discriminates against our families and friends by eliminating their right to civil marriage. Laws should not be used to discriminate against anyone.”

“Don't believe the lies, Prop 8 has nothing to do with religion or schools.”

“It attempts to eliminate a human right,” says Ortiz, who plays Ferrera's sister on the show.

“Unite with us. Vote no on Prop 8.”

“It's bad law and It's unfair,” says Plana.

The three Latino stars represent a diverse Latin American geography. Twenty-four-year-old Ferrera was born in Honduras, but her family immigrated to the United States in the mid-1970s. Plana, who plays Ignacio Suarez on the ABC dramedy, is Cuban-American. And Philadelphia native Ana Ortiz comes from a Puerto Rican family.

Ugly Betty has become a huge Latino hit since its 2006 premiere. Latino audiences who had become accustomed to watching Latino stars from Latin American broadcasting giants like Telemundo, thrilled at the idea of seeing themselves during mainstream prime-time television. Additionally, the ugly duckling story was plucked directly from a Colombian soap opera titled Betty La Fea and adapted for an American audience.

Verástegui has also endorsed Proposition 4, an initiative which would require parental consent for minors seeking an abortion. And more recently, he starred in a video where he urged Hispanic voters to reject Democratic Senator Barack Obama for president because of his pro-choice stance.