A man who went on a murderous spree after killing a young student he picked up in a gay bar was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison without parole Monday in Canada, reports The Canada Press.

Carlos Rivera's luck ran dry on July 17, 2007, the day Jesse Imeson walked into Windsor's gay strip club The Tap, where Rivera, an architecture student at St. Clair College, was working as a part-time bartender.

Imeson also plead guilty to killing an elderly couple who lived northwest of London while attempting to flee the police.

But Imeson's murder spree started with Rivera, when he walked into the gay bar where Rivera was working looking for a job as an exotic dancer. After being told to return the next day about the job, Imeson and Rivera stuck up a conversation, then began drinking.

After the bar closed, the pair went to a third man's house, where they continued drinking. At the house, Rivera was photographed by the third man with Imeson's arm around him while making a licking motion towards Rivera's nipple.

The pair then traveled to Imeson's room in a Windsor boarding house.

Imeson told police he strangled Rivera the next morning with a belt after waking up to find the twenty-six-year-old student performing oral sex on him.

“The gay guy – if I had to do it again, I would do it,” Imeson told an undercover cop.

Imeson then stole Rivera's car, wallet and identification and fled north. He found a .22 semi-automatic rifle in a dry shed he had broken into. And then, he killed Bill and Helene Reier, an elderly couple in their 70s, in their basement with the gun.

When asked about his motivation in killing the couple, Imeson told a detective, “What's to know? Shots were fired. People died.”

Rivera, a native of El Salvador, was warmly remembered by The Tap owner Eddie An. “[H]e was a sweet guy and a hard worker,” An told Xtra.ca. “He treated customers really well and the other bartenders like him.”

Imeson was arrested fourteen days later in an empty cottage in western Quebec.