What can you expect from World of Wonder's Sex Change Hospital? A new appreciation for transgender folks, for sure.

The six episode docu-drama follows twelve people as they transition from Jack to Jill and vice-versa. After premiering in the UK last year, the hour-long show landed on cable channel WEtv last week.

The show was filmed in Trinidad, Colorado, where sex reassignment expert – and transsexual – Dr. Marci Bowers' hospital has turned the sleepy town of 10,000 into the “sex change capital of the world.”

For most viewers, the medical honesty of the program might be overwhelming as Dr. Bowers goes about deleting and appending her patients with saws and hammers, resulting in a bloody mess.

But like FX's fictional cosmetic surgery drama Nip/Tuck, the gory medical procedures only serve to underscore the severity of the alterations – both physically and psychologically.

The show's real purpose, however, is in telling the touching stories of the men and women who have found their way to the hospital, which it achieves artfully. Viewers leave Sex Change Hospital with a greater appreciation and understanding of the life-long psychological and emotional pain endured by transsexuals, and the courage and commitment necessary to pursue their metamorphosis.

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