Christian fundamentalists are stroking fears that an Obama presidential victory would result in a tyrannical anti-Christian society after the Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage in a letter from the future.

“The most far-reaching transformation of American society came from the Supreme Court's stunning affirmation, in early 2010, that homosexual 'marriage' was a 'constitutional' right that had to be respected by all 50 states because laws barring same-sex 'marriage' violated the Equal Protection clause of the U.S. Constitution,” says a Christian from the future in a letter titled Letter from 2012 in Obama's America.

The letter goes on to warn that Obama's liberal Supreme Court and Democratically-controlled Congress worked diligently to censor all Christian dissenters, leaving “hardly any brave citizen” to resist the new government policies.

The letter is the product of the anti-gay, James Dobson-lead Christian group Focus on the Family Action. The ministry also promotes the idea that gays and lesbians can pray away the gay.

In 2012, the legalization of gay marriage has had a profound effect on society, reports the future author.

_The Boy Scouts have disbanded rather than be forced to obey the Supreme Court's decision that they have to “hire homosexual scoutmasters and allow them to sleep in tents with young boys.”

_School teachers have abandoned their classrooms rather than submit to the compulsory training of “the goodness of homosexuality as one possible personal choice.”

_Roman Catholic and evangelical Protestant adoption agencies were forced to close after voicing their opposition to gay adoption. Christian parents who express anti-gay views are denied adopting a child.

_Businesses must provide equal benefits to gays and lesbians.

_The Supreme Court has prohibited anti-gay speech, citing it as “hate speech” likely to incite violence and discrimination against gays.

_Gays are allowed in the military and given “special bonuses” for enlisting and all military personnel are compelled to take many hours of pro-gay “sensitivity training.”

_All conservative radio stations have gone out of business after being forced to include liberal (ie, gay affirming) rebuttals.

_Mainstream bookstores no longer carry books critical of gays and lesbians after gay activists protested their inclusion.

“If it is a doomsday picture, then it's a realistic picture,” Carrie Gordon Earll, senior director of public policy for Focus on the Family Action told The Associated Press.

Obama's administration has also left the United States vulnerable to four terrorist strikes, destroyed our economy, and stood by powerless as Iran hit Israel with a nuclear bomb, warns the letter.

With few social issues on the ballot this year to motivate the Christian vote, Christian fundamentalist leaders, worried about loosing the White House and control of Congress, have trotted out the anti-Christian imagined future in an effort to boost the evangelical vote.

“It looks like, walks like, talks like and smells like desperation to me,” Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell of Houston told The Associated Press. The Methodist pastor, who is backing Obama after supporting President Bush since 2000, called the letter “false and ridiculous.”

“There's a long tradition of predicting doom and gloom” among evangelicals, said Clyde Wilcox, a Georgetown University political scientist.

The letter is signed, “Sincerely, A Christian from 2012.”