Gavin Grimm is among the transgender people featured in the National Geographic Channel's Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric.

Grimm is the Gloucester High School senior who is challenging his school district's policy that prohibits transgender students such as himself from using the bathroom of their choice. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case on March 28.

Grimm told host Katie Couric that he's not interested in a compromise.

“The problem is: I'm not looking for a compromise. I'm not looking for separate but equal. I'm looking for the same opportunities that my peers enjoy every single day. And that includes using the same restroom as any other student,” Grimm said.

“This could go really well or it could go really wrong,” he said of his case. “And I have to be prepared for that reality.”

“But regardless of what happens, the end will justify the means, because even if we suffer a loss we've generated a conversation that's moved the nation in the right direction. And if we win and it's after I graduate, I'm still doing good for a lot of other kids,” Grimm added.

National Geographic aired the two-hour documentary on Monday.