A Nepali last week became the first transgender model to walk the runway at a major Indian fashion show.

Anjali Lama, 32, is the first transgender model to appear at India's Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

In interviews, she said that she was bullied as a child and continued to face discrimination as an adult.

“Being the first transgender model [to appear in India] makes me extremely happy,” Lama told the AFP. “I have struggled a lot as a transgender model in Nepal.”

“The name I carved out as the first transgender model wasn't an easy process. I had to work hard, mentally handle lots of stress and pressure.”

She added that she hopes her success will inspire other victims of gender identity discrimination.

“Some transgender people may feel scared to come out. If they come out after being inspired by me, thinking 'I can be like her' and are then able to believe in themselves, that would make me very proud,” Lama said.