More than 2,000 demonstrators protested President Donald Trump's policies on Saturday outside New York City's historic Stonewall Inn.

Protesters attending the LGBT solidarity rally waved rainbow flags and chanted messages of resistance such as “refugees are welcome here.”

Last year, then-President Barack Obama dedicated the Stonewall Inn as the first national monument honoring the LGBT rights movement.

The monument includes Christopher Park, the Stonewall Inn and the surrounding area that was part of the 1969 Stonewall uprising that many credit as the birth of the modern LGBT rights movement.

Organizers used Facebook to get the word out, saying that the rally was needed to “stand in solidarity with every immigrant, asylum seeker, refugee and every person impacted by Donald Trump's illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and un-American executive orders” and “speak out against Trump's selection of the most anti-LGBT nominees and appointees in modern history.”

The event was co-sponsored by LGBT groups GLAAD, The Trevor Project and Lambda Legal.

Senate minority leader Charles Schumer was among the Democratic leaders who spoke at the rally.

“Let me remind people of why we're here,” Schumer told the crowd. “The pioneers at Stonewall were alone, but they fought and fought and eventually they won. We are gonna do the same thing!”