LGBT activists staged a dance party Friday in front of Trump International Hotel in Washington to protest the policies of President Donald Trump.

According to the Washington Blade, hundreds of people danced their way from the site of the hotel down Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. to the White House, with music supplied from the bed of a pickup truck that traveled alongside the protesters.

The event was organized by WERK for Peace, which believes in “using dance to promote peace.”

“We are here today to celebrate in solidarity our intersectionality and our resistance,” Firas Nasr of WERK for Peace told the crowd outside the Trump Hotel. “We are here to send a clear, clear message to Donald Trump and his administration that we will not tolerate discrimination, hate or bigotry in our country.”

Music blaring from the truck also sent a message.

“We will be celebrating with lively music from all seven banned countries and from Latin America, because those cultures are part of our fabric. The beautiful fabric that makes America great,” Nasr said.

“We need to be very cognizant to the fact that many of the people from those seven countries could not join us tonight. So we dance in solidarity with them,” he added, a reference to the seven Muslim-majority nations affected by Trump's travel ban.