In a recent interview, gay adult film star Colby Keller explained why he voted for President Donald Trump and shared his thoughts on the administration.

The Michigan-born Keller, 36, made headlines last year when he announced that he voted for Trump.

“I’m skeptical of him too, and who exactly is behind Trump. But given that there’s eternal dissent in the Republican Party, that leads me to believe that whatever he represents might be a destabilizing force,” he told Office Magazine.

Voting for Trump, for Keller, a communist, was more about sowing chaos that could lead to a new economic system, he explained in a new interview this week.

“At least Trump is inspiring people to resist a really corrupt economic system that is fucking us all over,” Keller told Met Magazine.

“Hillary Clinton would have been four more years of Barack Obama, continuing all of the horrible neoliberal policies of the Bush administration and of her husband [Bill Clinton] – policies that have bankrupted the American people and people around the world,” he said.

However, Keller believes that under Trump “things will get a lot worse and that will get us to a point where we need to be. … It's going to take someone like Donald Trump to get people to overthrow the system.”

Keller also weighed in on the new administration.

“I'm a little surprised he's as aggressive on 'the wall' as he said he would be,” he said. “But I'm not surprised people like Trump and corporate America are going to the lengths they are in a system that's no longer defensible. They'll stop at nothing.”