Belgium-born model Hanne Gaby Odiele has partnered with InterACT to advocate for the rights of intersex people.

Last month, Odiele publicly announced for the first time that she is intersex, telling USA Today that she was born with undescended testes which were removed when she was 10.

In an interview this week with the AP, Odiele said that doctors “tricked” her parents into allowing several unnecessary surgeries.

“I have continuing problems because of them,” Odiele said. “I don't think being intersex is that bad. It's just more what happens when they try to box us into certain female, male position.”

“If I didn't have [the support of family and friends] I don't think I would be able to do that today,” she added, referring to being publicly out.

Odiele also called InterACT “amazing” for raising awareness and advocating on behalf of people who are intersex.

“They also are trying to change laws and bring to light those irreversible, unconsent, and unnecessary surgeries that I went through as a child, too,” she said.