Last week, Hallmark released a Valentine's Day ad which includes a gay couple.

“This Valentine's Day, we celebrate extraordinary love stories all around us,” the ad's description reads. “And we honor them with #NoOrdinaryCard.”

In the 30-second commercial, a man appears to be describing how he proposed marriage to his wife.

“I cupped her face in my hands. I looked straight into her eyes. She looked at me. And I said, 'There's no other love in this whole wide world than the love I have for you. I love you always,'” the man says before kissing his wife.

As he speaks, images of other couples, including a gay male couple, appear on the screen.

The gay couple is immediately recognizable as Dustin Reeser and Spencer Stout.

In 2013, Stout invited friends and family to a Salt Lake City, Utah Home Depot to help him propose marriage to his boyfriend. Video of the elaborate musical proposal in the lumber aisle quickly went viral.

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