The government of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has started the process of debating a proposed same-sex marriage bill.

Bachelet in 2015 signed a bill that recognizes gay and lesbian couples with civil unions. Many supporters were disappointed that she did not push for equal marriage rights for gay couples, as she had pledged to do during her election campaign. Last year, Bachelet announced that her government would introduce a marriage bill in 2017.

Bachelet announced the process on January 20 at La Moneda Palace, the Washington Blade reported. She said that a marriage equality bill will be sent to Congress at the end of the process, before June 30.

“The process will allow the country to generate a satisfactory bill on marriage equality, recognizing the same rights for everyone,” she said.

The bill, however, is not being given priority, disappointing some LGBT leaders.

“We're disappointed they changed their minds,” said Luis Larrain, executive director of Fundacion Iguales, who said that the government had promised him and other activists that the bill would be fast tracked. “Do they really believe in equal rights and the acknowledgment of all types of families all the way, or only half way?”

While polls show that a majority (64%) of Chileans support marriage equality, conservative groups and the majority Roman Catholic church strongly oppose such unions.